Rethinking Our Dance

The Movements of Movements, Part 2

The world we live in today is in profound movement – social, economic, political, cultural, and ecological, as well as increasingly intensively, physical and spiritual - that is to a large impelled by the multiple and interlocking crises that we all face. This book is Part 2 of a two-part set titled The Movements of Movements. The first part, What Makes Us Move?, lays out a rich landscape – or movementscape – of a wide range of essays from many parts of the world on the practice and experience of movement. This second Part, Rethinking Our Dance, builds on that platform with an equally wide range of essays by authors from Afghanistan, Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, India, Niger, and Taiwan, as well as from several parts of the North that reflect intensely and critically on the practice of movement and that undertake the task of addressing the question of what, in the emerging world that we live in, of deepening crisis, do we need to do in order to bring about justice and peace? Looking at movements as the dances of warriors – and here drawing on the lives and cosmologies of aboriginal peoples of Turtle Island, and in particular on the seminal work of Taiaiake Alfred, a contributor to the books - how can, and should, we rethink our dance?

As with Part 1, this book - edited by Jai Sen, and conceived by him and his saathis / comp@s in CACIM and OpenWord in India and with inputs from fellow-series editor the late Peter Waterman - will be of interest to all who work for justice and for egalitarian social change and with respect for Mother Earth—be they in universities, schools, parties, trade unions, social organisations and movements, religious organisations, or the media; or in government or corporations.

And just as in Part 1, the contributors to the book are again activists and scholar-activists from all over the world, South and North. They include: Kolya Abramsky, Ezequiel Adamovsky, Oussenia Alidou, the late Samir Amin, Chris Carlsson, John Brown Childs, Lee Cormie, Anila Daulatzai, Massimo De Angelis, The Free Association, David Graeber, Josephine Ho, John Holloway, the late François Houtart, Jeffrey Juris, Michael Löwy, Tomás Mac Sheoin, Matt Meyer, Muto Ichiyo, Rodrigo Nunes, Michal Osterweil, Shailja Patel, Geoffrey Pleyers, Stephanie Ross, Jai Sen, and Nicola Yeates.

We pay our respects here to all the contributors who have walked on: the late Samir Amin and the late François Houtart.

Within the book, we attempt to recognise and warmly acknowledge the many different inputs we got that helped make the book; here, we would like to specially recognise the role of the late Jim Coflin in finally bringing together all the material and artwork in one place, towards publishing the book; and of all those at PM Press who published the book in the US, in collaboration with OpenWord.

Take a look also at Part 1, What Makes Us Move?! The two Parts of The Movements of Movements were conceived together and dance with each other – and ideally, can and should be read and enjoyed side by side!