Welcome to the Movements of Movements project, a companion to The Movements of Movements book series. This is an evolving project that supplements the series with updates from the editor and series contributors. Here you may order books, read reviews, find out about related events that are coming up, reach out to the editor and contributors, arrange book-related events, and learn more about the individual volumes.

The Movements of Movements, Part 1

What Makes Us Move?

Our world today is not only a world in crisis but also a world in profound movement, with increasingly large numbers of people joining or forming movements, at local, national, transnational, and global levels. The dazzling diversity of ideas and experiences recorded in this...

The Movements of Movements, Part 2

Rethinking Our Dance

The world we live in today is in profound movement – social, economic, political, cultural, and ecological, as well as increasingly intensively, physical and spiritual - that is to a large impelled by the multiple and interlocking crises that we all face. This book is Part 2...